Our Story

Tysons Interfaith is an organization of diverse faith partners who are striving to create opportunities for spiritual connection, growth, learning and service with those who live, work, and play in the Tysons community. We were formed in response to the Fairfax County’s Comprehensive plan for the Tyson’s area. This plan envisions the development of Tysons into a city of up to 100,000 residents and 200,000 jobs by the year 2050. It provides for housing, office buildings, retail spaces, schools, green spaces, libraries, community centers, and other public facilities to serve this population, but it sets aside no space and makes no provision for the existence of faith communities within the boundaries of Tysons.

We recognize the difficulties in zoning space for faith communities into a plan for a contemporary city, but we are also convinced that those who live, work, and play within the Tysons area will be underserved and their quality of life diminished without the presence and ministries provided by a variety of communities of faith. The communities who make up our organization began meeting in 2013, and we have slowly developed a plan that will begin to allow for the creation of a variety of opportunities for the people of Tysons. Our initial efforts are focused on service projects that will both touch the lives of those in need within Tysons’ boundaries and provide opportunities for compassionate volunteer work for those who feel a call to this in their lives.

We welcome the participation of any community of faith into our organization, and we are happy to receive suggestions for how we might further our life and ministry in Tysons. If you would like to participate in one of our activities, contact us.

Contact information for each participating member can be found under the Community Partners section to the right.

Tysons Interfaith is a member of the Tysons Partnership.

We wish to thank Eagle Bank for graciously donating meeting space and for handling all of our banking needs. Contact Alex Chacaltana (AChacaltana@EagleBankCorp.com), VP, C&I Commercial Deposit Officer, for more information.