Building Peaceful Communities

Our Oneness series continued on

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm

In Recognition of the International Day of Peace

Building Peaceful Communities 
Promoting Mutual Respect: A Call to Action

  • We learned ways to be a peacemaker
  • We learned language and practical skills to promote peace
  • We learned to recognize virtues in others to build/repair relationships and foster mutual respect

Breakout rooms and small group discussion were facilitated by:

Dara Feldman, a passionate educator, international speaker, author, coach and consultant who is deeply committed to social justice. She is a Virtues Project Master Facilitator, Chief Enthusiasm Officer, and Board Chair of Virtues Matter.  She is the author of The Heart of Education: Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose Back to Teaching and Learning.

Dara was honored as Disney’s 2005 Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year and Maryland’s 2015 Mother of the Year.

Follow the links below to view the Zoom recordings:

Video – Part 1 

Video – Part 2