Another Daily Lift – “God’s Law in Action”

Many people set aside time in their day for prayer, reflection, or meditation. As a Christian Science practitioner, I often find inspiration in daily audio reflections presented by members of our church, called the Daily Lift. A recent Daily Lift by Kevin Ness of Boston was entitled, “God’s Law in Action.”  In this segment, Kevin […]

Lord, Lord, Open Unto Me

In recognition of Black History Month, I commend to you this prayer by Howard Thurman: Lord, Lord, Open Unto Me Open unto me, light for my darknessOpen unto me, courage for my fearOpen unto me, hope for my despairOpen unto me, peace for my turmoilOpen unto me, joy for my sorrowOpen unto me, strength for […]

“Imagine With Me” — A New World Post Pandemic

On Sunday, February 5, Tysons Interfaith will host a workshop entitled, “Reconnecting Post Pandemic.”  We invite you to join us on Zoom for this event.  (Details can found here.)  In the spirit of this event, we share with you these observations from Trish Hall of the Centers for Spiritual Living Metro.  It dawned on me […]

I Have Decided to Stick With Love

At a recent Tysons Interfaith meeting, my friend Reverend Trish Hall opened the gathering by reading an excerpt from the Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 address to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference entitled, “Where Do We Go From Here.” You know words are timeless when they strike a chord and send a chill down your […]

Start the New Year Embracing the Healing Force of Love

We are imbued with the ability to use the most powerful healing force in the universe: Love.  It cannot be destroyed. It can be ignored. By denying its power, we cause ourselves and others pain. Embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love, we can release ourselves from history’s entanglements and begin […]

On “Being Peace”

By:  Reverend Trish Hall, Centers for Spiritual Living Metro It serves no purpose to deny what is happening globally and locally. Unless we acknowledge that there is a problem, we are powerless to make changes. How do we walk the tightrope of being fully engaged, committed to transforming the problem, yet not lose ourselves in […]

World Healing Day: December 31, 2022

Nelson Mandela: “Peace is not just the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, class, caste or any other social markers of difference.” Deep within their beings, John Randolph Price and his wife, Jan, understood true Peace. They envisioned millions of […]

An Advent and Christmas Theme:  Making Space

Those of us brought up in the Christian tradition (indeed probably most people) have heard the Christmas Story as told by the Gospel of Luke 1: 1-7:  In those days a decree went out from Emperor Augustus that all the world should be registered.  This was the first registration and was taken while Quirinius was […]

A Festival of Light

On Sunday, December 18 at sundown, Jews all over the world will begin the celebration of the eight-day festival of Chanukah with the lighting of the first candle on the menorah. What is very important to remember in a time of watching the rise of antisemitism all over the world, with a 34% increase in […]

We are Social Creatures

How are you feeling about the approaching holiday season?  As we near the end of 2022, our first “Post Pandemic” year, we know that re-entry into society has taken on different forms for different people. For some, it has presented a real challenge.  As we prepare for upcoming holidays, Tysons Interfaith is pleased to offer […]